Monday, 4 June 2012

Examination is here again.

Exam week is here, yet, again. Here comes burning midnight oil sessions and sleepless nights (as if I've had a good sleep ever since entering Uni, anyway).

Sometimes I feel discouraged reading all these notes and what not because of the contents! It's not like your average textbooks where the language is simple and easily comprehended. The authors tend to annoy you (purposely, probably) with bombastic words when all they want to are simple messages! Y U NO SIMPLE TEXTS?!

Anyway, I'll be going home in less than 3 weeks! I can't wait to cook and see my cats and just chill. Uni life has  been hectic and crazy. But I'll sure miss the independence and city life here. But, inshaAllah, I'll be back (automated terminator-voice) in September (early September, and I don't get to celebrate my birthday properly with my family for the sixth time!). Sigh... life.

*I'm currently in love with le guy above ^^ but sadly, he's married. T_T

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