Friday, 31 May 2013

Nostalgic. Emotional.

Classes for this Year 2 has ended just 2 days ago. Now I'm looking back at the things I've done and reminiscing.

Time really flew by. Quick - which is sad. I would love to enjoy every moment and experience step by step.

It's funny how one year can change you so much. Funny how more people matter to you. Funny how such a short time can change people. I'm sorry if I sound emotional and sensitive, I can't help that I'm a bit dramatic at times. Haha.

A summary of my Year 2 in University Malaya:

Remember how I told myself that I should be mindful of how I spend my money? Well, that certainly didn't go well. I think I spent more in my second year than in the first. Damn. Living in KL is seriously not good for students - unless you're filthy rich. KL is so tempting. The food, the entertainment, the places, the transportation and the list goes on. I mostly spend on food (which is alright) but as Sarawakian girl living in the Peninsular, I have to constantly look through the airline websites to find for affordable flight prices (which is a pain) and there are so many subjects requiring us to pay for this and that. But still, alhamdulillah, I'm very blessed to have loving parents to support their young girl :')

I'm seeing someone (yaaaayyyy?) haha. I'm very happy in this stabil relationship. Well, it hasn't been long but I'm holding on. Don't really know if it'll last, but I won't let anything go to waste. If something is worth it, you will try your best to uphold it, right? So here I am, holding on and doing my best.

Year 2 was crazy as Year 1, if not... crazier! I was busy from the start to the end. No rest. But it did give me a lot of experience and knowledge. I was given different responsibilities. Which is good. It helps me to grow up and mature. I've met so many new wonderful people and experienced new things which I never thought was even possible before. From being in a band, to emceeing, to theater and so much more. But all this came at a cost of course. I don't ever recall any one of these events happening without major glitches. However, they are memories worth keeping (and telling my children). Hihihi.

Feseni :')

Generation 13 - me as an emcee :)

Mps2 - colour blocking :)

Oh yeaaah. Year 2 finally marks an achievement for me! I am going to an island for the first time in my 22 years of living! I know, it's sad... haha. University life offers me so many opportunities. I love it.

MPS 1 - Sports-themed :)

Modern theater - I was the villain muahaha :P
There were so much more but not captured on phone.
I don't ever want university life to end but it will in 2 more years.

So I might as well enjoy every moment while it lasts.
I'll look back and smile because at least I have stories I can share with my kids and memories to keep till I'm gone.

As for me, there is so much more to come and to be accomplished. InshaAllah.